About Us

Everyone comes to Thailand with hopes and dreams.

Baan Smile was founded by Voraporn Konchaiyapum and Ericson Smith to help people relocate and settle in Thailand. We run a busy cleaning service here in Bangkok, Thailand that caters to a lot of foreigner expats from many countries around the world.

And everyday we would get asked if we knew someone who could do something. And we do!

At Baan Smile, we live our message. Our friends and family are deep connections in the Thai community. We can find anything and anyone to help you move and settle temporarily or permanently in Thailand.

Baan Smile was started when Ericson and Voraporn asked Chalida to make our first video. This was out of necessecity because we had so many agents and owners asking us about condos both to rent and to market for them when we were assigned to clean their businesses and homes.

Our team consists of

  • Voraporn Konchaiyapum "P"
  • Ericson Smith "Eric"
  • Chalida Chinpugdee "Beer"

Our office is near to the On Nut BTS train station:
410 Sukhumvit Soi 81, Suan Luang, Bangkok, Thailand, 10250

Baan Smile is legally owned by:
Smile Clean Co., LTD (A Thailand Registered Limited Liability Company)

So what do we do?

Real Estate

Baan Smile works with numerous licensed real estate agents to find you exactly the property you want in and around Bangkok. Our partners have years of experience in the business.

When you arrive here, you would be dealing with one of our partners and one or more of our team that will translate for you, show you around to the neighborhoods you like.

And overall make sure that you get a good deal and you receive everything you need to live comfortably in your new home. From getting your utilities and internet setup. To ensuring you can order online, find the right places to eat, shop and have fun.


We have experienced companies that work with us to prepare many kinds of visas:

  • Retirement
  • Business visas
  • Elite Visas
  • Family visas (marriage, children)

We will listen to your individual case and get to work with the correct agent for your kind of visa. We have helped people with business visas and work permits, elite visas, family visas and retirement. 

Visas can be an incredibly complex and stressful process. Our agents and our team will walk you through each step. All you have to do is sign the documents. We will prepare everything in the right order and get it submitted for you. And on the day you do need to visit the immigration department, we will personally walk in with you, represent you, translate for you and ensure everything is as smooth as butter.

Business Formation

Forming a business in Thailand is not particularly difficult. The main difficulty is finding local business partners, ensuring you take care of all the tax parts the right way, and finding and hiring your Thai employees.

 A business can be a ticket to be a long-term expat in Thailand. But it has to be done the right way, and you have to conduct a real business that gainfully employs Thai people. Makes sense, right?

Baan Smile will help you register your business, find and help you legally vet local Thai partners, make sure you have the correct company structure and you are setup for Social Security, V.A.T. and any other local regulations. We will even help find your local registered office as well.

It helps to have someone in your corner.

About the Founders

Ericson Smith and Voraporn Konchayapum founded Smile Clean Co. Ltd. a year before the pandemic. 2020 Is the year that tested us as the world changed, but we stuck with the business and grew it so it quickly became a well known multi-service cleaning agency that handled almost everything to do with maintenance in residential and commercial establishments around Bangkok.

We deal with a lot of foreigners and Thai customers.

There is just one credo that we stand for: "Don't make our customers work". Which simply means, sit back, relax and watch us work for you.

Voraporn Konchaiyapum
Voraporn has many years of experiences running businesses in Thailand. She is the Managing Director of Smile Clean Co., Ltd.

Ericson Smith
Ericson has over 30 years of experience in the Tech industry as a computer programmer, online marketer and business founder in the USA, Jamaica, Canada and Thailand.

Please contact any of us with any questions!