How To Find A Wife In Thailand

Let's be honest, a lot of foreigners come to Thailand in order to find a Thai girlfriend or even a Thai wife. We all know Thai girls are very good looking  right?  Due to that there are even websites promoting relationships and in some cases there are even stories of families selling their daughters into arranged marriages with foreigners or even women going to night-work for the same purpose. These cases are usually extremely rare but it never hurts being cautious right? Additionally we will also provide you with 7 helpful tips and things you should expect for you to meet a “good” girl, yes that is what we Thais call them.

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1. Don't Rush in

Thailand is another world when you first arrive, I mean c'mon, we have the sun, sea, sand, parties, cheap food and drinks and plenty of exotic women. In this country, you will notice that there is much more interest in you from women in general as you do back in your country, this is common however do not get carried away, take it easy before you start moving in with one of them and declaring your love to them. As we said “don't rush in”, take the time to properly know them, spend more time with them before rushing into anything, only time and a little patience will tell if you're compatible with a particular person or not. Aim to find someone who is independent and would be totally fine if you weren't part of their life, this is usually a good indicator of a “good” girl.


2. Dating sites over bars and clubs 

There is no problem with people enjoying themselves in clubs and bars. Even the most reserved person can have a few drinks and loosen up and have a good time, that's completely normal here just as it is aborad. However, the issue in Thailand lies in the fact that the lines are quite blurred between girls who are just there on a recreational basis and those who are working the nightlife such as prostitutes and call girls. It's almost impossible to distinguish between them anyways, especially once you've had a few drinks yourselves.There are plenty of dating sites in Thailand that can help you find the right Thai woman, try to use internationally used apps like Tinder and Bumble instead of questionable thai hookup websites as the profiles are usually more credible. By using dating apps, you could learn more about them through a neutral communication channel and you can also make plans to meet up once you hit it off. It also helps slow you down and prevents you from rushing into things. Using dating apps increases your chances of potentially meeting a “good” girl.


3. Find a “Normal” girl

We know this one is usually a given, but the amount of times we see foreigners get involved with women who work as escorts etc. is crazy. Usually, women who enter prostitution are from broken and abusive families, and many things start to unfold such as alcohol abuse, addiction and gambling problems. Don't get us wrong, we are not questioning or judging them, and the things mentioned above are not always true, however, it is relatively common and it's better to avoid it in the first place. You might be tempted to be a white knight but more often than not, it's not going to end up well for you, or even her. Try to find a woman who is independent, with a job, and has an education so that you can genuinely find someone to build your life with and grow rather than someone who is in a bad financial situation and will rely on you to support them. I know we have all had our baggage, but some baggage are too heavy for anyone to manage.


4. Find someone you have something in common with

There are countless cases of western men getting married with Thai women they have nothing in common with at all, worst of all, they don't even speak the same language. Imagine spending your life with someone who is not able to speak English properly, that's a recipe for disaster. This might be common sense when finding a woman in your own country, but it's far too common that westerners marry a Thai woman with nothing in common at all. Make sure you choose a woman who has the same or similar interests to you in order to be able to have a successful relationship and marriage.


5. Don’t make promises you can’t keep

As I mentioned earlier, there are countless men getting lovestruck in no time in Thailand, and supposedly falling in love or telling someone they met that they love her and that they want to move permanently in Thailand. While some women from your country will know it's the alcohol talking, some people in Thailand will undoubtedly fall for it, as they have probably heard stories of it happening to other women, especially in rural villages where foreign men get married to a woman from the village and take her abroad. Truth be told, although their lives might seem like a fantasy to others, they are usually miserable. Be aware of cultural and language barriers. Please also be sensible and do not lead some women into thinking that you will marry them and take them back to your country, it will be beneficial for you in the long run.


6. Expect a Chaperone

In Thailand, it is not uncommon at all for a Thai woman to bring a chaperone to a date, sometimes even for the first few dates. Usually they will bring a close female friend. This is because historically, a woman wouldn't be seen intimately with a man unless she is intending to marry him. In the olden times, if a woman is seen hanging out with a man, they would immediately be considered a couple, and the gossip would start flowing in the village and the girl's parents would eventually find out which will impact the parents “face” in the village. Furthermore, bringing a chaperone or a friend will make it a less awkward situation for her and it will also provide her a sense of safety. So no not be surprised if she brings a chaperone on the first few dates, in fact, it almost helps you find one of the “good” girls.

7. Meeting the Family

In Thailand, the value of family is usually higher than in western countries, and people are usually extremely connected to their families, even as adults, it is not uncommon at all for them to live with their parents. In most cases, family always comes first, even before their husband. If a Thai woman is serious about you, chances are that she wants you to meet her family, weekly dinners with families are also not uncommon and it shows that she is genuinely interested in you. If after a few weeks of dating you still haven't met her family then that means that either she doesn't like you enough to marry her, her family disapproves of foreigners or she's trying to hide something about them which is not a good sign at all and it's safe to say that you should look for another girl.

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