What is Lockdown like in Bangkok? F.A.Q.

People are wondering what Lockdown is like in Bangkok. What happened last year in the Lockdowns? What will happen in the next 14 (or more) days here? This post will tell you what life is like in the city of angels.

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First of all, life actually goes on -- a lot. It's not as deep as lockdowns in North America for example. That being said, I can give you some guidance for what happened in the lockdowns last year -- and what will happen over the next 14 days.

Are flights still coming to Bangkok?

Yes. Flights are basically not affected, since everyone coming to Bangkok has to go into quarantine anyway. This has not changed in a year.

Is all of Thailand under Lockdown?

No. Only Bangkok and the provinces of Nonthaburi, Pathum Thani, Nakhon Pathom, Samut Prakan and Samut Sakhon.

Can I travel to other parts of Thailand in this time?

Currently travel is resticted but not banned. That does not mean you cannot travel. You have to explan why you are travelling at border checkpoints. So long as you have a decent reason (family, work, etc) should not be a problem. Obviously if you say "I'm going to the beach" then it's up to the discretion of the agent at tbe border.

What is 100% closed?

  • Co-working spaces
  • Gyms
  • Pools
  • Bars
  • Nightclubs
  • Schools
  • Daycare
  • Government offices (immigration, etc)
  • Massage Shops
  • Hair salons & Barber Shops
  • Any kind of service where you need face-to-face personal contact with others.
  • Construction Sites
  • Shopping Centers & Malls
  • Local flights

What is not mandatory?

  • Private Businesses
  • Small construction sites

In practice, the vast majority of private businesses comply with this request and most employees will work from home if their kind of business allows it.

Social Distancing

  • Everywhere and always in the past year

Masks, Hand Sanitizers, Temperature Checks

  • Mandatory except in wide open spaces. If you are jogging or walking alone in the park you don't need it. But as you approach another person you put it on.
  • Temperature checks going into any store, or large building

In Thailand people don't complain about masks or cause a fuss. They just wear it and go on with life. THere are very few "Karen's" in Thailand. But don't get it twisted. No on like to wear the mask. It's just that people care about each other and themselves.

What is not available after curfew?

  • Taxis
  • Trains
  • Delivery & Courier services
  • All other public transportation
  • Supermarkets
  • Pharmacies
  • Convenience stores (7-11, etc)
  • Doctors & Clinics
  • Markets
  • Public parks

The curfew times vary depending. For example taxi's will be last, since they have to carry people home. But other kinds of businesses will have different closing times.

What is available?

  • Food & Grocery Deliveries (these services are fantastic and exploded in popularity here)
  • Order anything online at Lazada / Shopee (Version of Amazon here)
  • Personal services by others (nanny, home cleaner, mobile spa/massage/salon, other service workers for the home)
  • Thai Post mail deliveries
  • Hospitals open and private hospitals 24/7 especially in Bangkok are world class and very well regarded internationally.

How strict are the rules?

Anything else is up to you and what you would want to trust. For example, if you have a trusted Nanny or other personal service worker, then there is no rule that says you cannot have them come to your home to help you.

What about Condos?

Condos are considered "villages" in Thailand and it's up to the condo itself how it wants to interpret the rules. Most condos tend to close gyms, pools and other common areas during this time in an abundance of caution. You will be checked for temperature on entry into the condo. Certain kinds of maintenance and cleaning (Aircon repair, etc) are not allowed during this time. But you can have generally as many guests or a party if you want.

What should I do?

Be careful of course. Wash hands as often as you can. Wear a good mask and stay away from crowded areas during the lockdown time. Personally I have not held on to a hand railing in more than a year. I try not to touch my face when outdoors. I travel with hand sanitizer in my bag always. And I wash my hands when i return home or back to the office.

In conclusion

​It's Thailand, and in a sense the society is built up in a way where you don't have "Karen's" who snitch on others here. People basically ignore you unless you do something that directly affects them. Everyone generally obeys the rule to wear a mask without argument.  No one is going to argue with you if you don't wear a mask -- instead they will stay away from you.

In short, people want to earn money and feed themselves even in a lockdown, so most everyone co-operates and gets along. It's a huge difference from the USA and it takes some getting used to.

A good way to look at it, is that all our cleaning staff in our other company wants to keep on working. They will wear gloves, face masks, face shields and do frequent hand washing and use sanitizers. Most of our customers in that business want to have services done for them too.

If you have any other questions, please hit one of the links below to chat with us.

(Updated July 10, 2021 at 15:31 Bangkok Time)

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