Business Service

Ready to start your business in Thailand? Lets talk! We can prepare an analysis for your potential business in Thailand that will tell you: Rental or property costs, how much you can expect to pay staff, how to advertise and market your business here, what your tax obligations here and how to find the right Thai partners. The analysis will even include what kind of visa you need and how you should register your business here. This document will save you previous time and money. So what are you waiting for?

How can we help you?

Starting a business in Thailand is quite easy. But you have to get all the details right. There are many business opportunities in Thailand (not just bars and restaurants) and Baan Smile can help you legally register your enterprise so you can hire your staff, open business bank accounts, pay the right taxes and even get the correct business visa and work permits.

Before you decide to open your business, We can prepare a feasability analysis for you:

Rental & Property Costs

Every Thai limited liability company needs to have a registered location. Especially if you decide to use your business to get your visa and work permit. We will let you know if you can use your condo as a business location or if you need to open a full-fledged office. Then we will show you actual locations and real rental or purchase amounts of the kind of places that suit your business.

Hiring Staff

At some point you will need staff to help run your business in Thailand. We'll analyze the type of business you want to start and tell you what kind of staff you need and their expected salaries. Our analysis will also tell you the expected turnover and how easy or difficult it will be to find the people you will need.

Marketing & Sales

How will you get the word out about your business? Will you need a outbound or inbound sales team? Do you need to spend money with Facebook or Google ads? Will you be using a lot of social media? We'll look at the landscape in Thailand and let you know which of these channels you will be using the most, as well as the typical cost of the kinds of advertising you will need to do. You will learn how much commissions to pay a sales team in Thailand.


What do you expect in the way of competitors in Thailand? Having competitors is a good thing, since it means that your business model is accepted here. We will list some of your biggest competitors and any information about them so you can better decide how to make your business greater then theirs.


Most business here have to pay V.A.T and some kind of Income Taxes. We will let you know what you have to pay, when you have to pay it and what kind of company or staff you will hire to get it done. One thing for sure, you do need to get this step done the right way or you can be in a world of hurt later, especially when its time to renew your work permit and visa in the future.

How can we help you?