Get all your questions about Thailand answered.

You’re planning to move to Thailand, but you have many questions about long term visas, getting a home, the right neighborhoods, schools, bringing family here, setting up your business or even finding a partner. Get a 30 day consultation with the Baan Smile team so we can answer all the questions you have.

Get us for 30 days - ฿3,000 THB

No recurring fee. Pay one time only.

So, what do you get for your money?

2 Phone Consultations

Up to 2 phone consultations with the team. If necessary you can also get a 30 minute consult with our lawyer. You also get priority text messaging support.

30 Days of email support

You can send unlimited questions to our support desk over the next 30 days. Our team will answer you with great detail and excellent research so your fears and laid to rest.

Research services

Need to find the best of something? The prices of items? The right service? We are your eyes and ears in Thailand to look for the best resources and translate everything for you.

Relax and put your mind at ease.

Moving to a new city is exciting. But if you don't speak the language and don't know where to find things, it can be very stressful and lonely. Baan Smile is your personal resource to get everything done.

“The Baan Smile team provided awesome service, thank you! I highly recommend.”

Wayne Traver - Bangkok, Thailand

What do you want to do?

Here's just a few of the questions that our English and Thai speaking team can get answered.


Help you figure out how you can stay in Thailand for a long time, regardless of your age.


Help with finding the perfect apartment, condo and townhome that meets your budget.


We'll help you plan your new business in Thailand, so you know how much to pay and who to hire.


We'll help you open the right bank account for you, your family and your business in Thailand.

Personal Services

We can find someone for you for almost any kind of home, business, or personal service in Bangkok.


Find anything in Thailand. We'll find it for you and even help you to order and deliver it.


Want to travel around Thailand. We'll tell you how exactly how to get there and what it costs.


Finding the wrong partner in Thailand is too easy. We help you avoid all the common mistakes.

Ask us anything.

Hello! I am Miss P. I have experienced and friendly staff in Bangkok and Phuket who speak great English and Thai. They can help you with everything. Just click the button below to make your first request.