Living on $600 per month in Thailand (Real Experience)

Recently we made a video on how to live on $600 USD per month in Bangkok. But it turns out many people have done it successfully. Here is one of our subscriber's report and tips on living with a very low budget. Circa 2019.

On Apts utilities:
Beware that as a foreigner you will be offered apts that get the most sun (end of building, one or two walls facing south) so they are the hottest in the building, like an oven. Avoid these if possible My utilities, with a fan, aircon, fridge, microwave and large TV, hot water kettle, flash heater in the shower was about $100 a month. Very expensive for Thailand. but the apt was an oven. Serviced Apts cost more than $200. Also there were two of us showering daily, sometimes twice a day and aircon was on when there during mid day and all evening/ night when at the Apt. Studios Apts are also called Rooms.

Phone/ Data:
Service was 500Tbh for unlimited, unthrottled high speed data plan. I had about 200 minutes of phone that I never used. Use LINE for chatting. I also used my Thai phone as a hot spot and it was great!

Cheap meals from the Malls (aka cafeteria) and Nights markets. Cheap fruits from the night markets as well. We would eat a very nice Thai meal for $30 USD (1000Thb) about once a week and eat regular Thai food the rest of the time (BBQ, Buffett, Really nice fish and seafood meals for 2 are 800 to 1200Tbh). I purchased fresh fruit, some eggs and other little things so I could eat breakfast and have coffee without having to leave my apt first thing in the am. Maybe $60 a month for this.

Misc Info:
I had a gf who worked an office/ sales job. She made good money, had her own place, nice car but lived with me for the most part, this raises the cost of your utilities and food, cause you know, we men like to pay and treat. Plz note that she was always offering to pay for food, so sometimes I'd let her contribute, but most times it was a no. This is in no way typical of most Thai ladies.

I don't drink much (beers only) or go to bars. Even with buying a few large beers every month and road trips almost every week, a hotel once a month and riding MRT/ BTS and motor cycle taxis several times a week AND the $100USD or so a month to extend my visa for 30 days (that includes the cost of transportation for that event, OR do an alternate Visa run)

My over all budget was $1000USD a month. This included condoms, messages, entrance fees and offerings at temples and other tourist sites. And the occasional Ice Cream Cone.

I had 4 moths of 100% reimbursable travelers insurance for $250 for the entire trip paid in full before departing. You pay at the time of service, file a claim, get 100% of your money back.

You can live on $600 a month, but it's a merger existence with little room for extras and spontaneous adventure or gifts to take back home.

My advice for longer stays (3 months+) is to budget $1000 - $1250 USD a month. And have extra funds for moving into your Apt ($600 - $1000) for rent of $200 to $300 a month. Unless you trash your room, you will get your deposit back. Though they will want you to wait 7 to 10 days to refund your deposit. Try to get them to agree to pay you in cash when you check out in writing. They will want to wire transfer the funds to a Thai account and that's a hassle if you don't have one. Who gets a Thai bank account for 2 to 6 month stay?

Peace and safe travels

Thanks to Youtube subscriber @JC Bluntch

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