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You'll need someone on your side when looking for a Bangkok home. Give us your requirements and we'll arrange for you to view just the places that match what you need. Get everything done remotely or while you're here in Bangkok. Tell us about your perfect condo, townhouse or detached house now. We'll translate for you and advocate for you so you get the best outcome in Thailand.

How can we help you?

Who can rent a condo in Bangkok?

The good news is anyone can rent a condo. You don't need any special visa or permission. Just vising for 30 days? You can rent a condo too. Because the price of condos are quite reasonable in Bangkok, you can rent one for when you visit again and it would still be cheaper than a hotel.

What's the basic rental price for a condo in Bangkok?

Condo prices are always varying as per their location. If you are looking for Condo near the BTS or MRT trains, be prepared to pay a bit extra. The minimum price for 1 bedroom Condo is Bangkok is around 7000 baht per month.

What documents are required to rent a condo?

A copy of your passport, visa and immigration entry card. As mentioned before, any visa is ok to rent a condo.

What about deposits and utilities?

  • You will need a minimum 6 month contract to rent a condo.
  • You will need 2 months deposit and the first month's rental when starting the rental contract. (Total 3 months to begin).
  • Electric, internet and water utility fees are not included in the monthly rental.

How does Baan Smile help you?

  • We will interview you in detail about your requirements
  • We will shortlst up to 5 homes and send the details to you
  • We will show you personally the listings on the days that you are available.
  • We will translate and help you decide which are the best on the days we do the showing.
  • Once you finalize we will assist you in signing your contract.

Does Baan Smile charge a service fee?


How can we help you?