Dating, Marriage, Divorce... In Thailand

If you plan to live long-term in Thailand, you might want to find your special one there. These are everything you need served in a single plating.

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~ Kurt Conover


Love is complicated. We all know that. And it gets even more complex when language barriers and cultural differences jump into the mix.

But don’t let that faze you.

Here at Baan Smile, we are a big advocate of cross-culture relationships. And in this newsletter, we are exploring 6 contents that will help shape your love life with a Thai partner.

#1 Why get MARRIED to a Thai WOMAN? Love? Land? Visa? Lonely? HERE's WHAT PEOPLE SAID…

Let’s start with a principal question: why?

In this video, Chalida will give you 5 reasons why more than 500 foreigners are marrying Thai ladies.

  • No more visa headaches.
  • Let’s buy some land.
  • Get Thai citizenship.
  • Don’t want to marry again.
  • True love.

You might have heard of some of these reasons but might not even know the others exist. But that’s okay. Chalida will explain what each reason means and how it impacts your stay in Thailand. Let’s begin your love life with understanding.

Who knows? You might want to start dating a Thai woman after watching this video.

#2 Farang Women should find a Thai Husband - Here's why…

Now. It’s the lady’s turn.

When discussing marrying a Thai person, most of you would assume “finding a Thai wife.” However, that doesn’t mean finding a Thai Husband would never work. It’s the opposite. And there are 4 reasons for that.

  • Financial Support
  • Permanent Residency
  • Thai Citizenship and Naturalization
  • No Paperwork For You!

Before you judge, let us make it clear. We don’t support marrying only for the benefits. However, these reasons are like extra bonuses that automatically come with a Thai guy. They will make your passionate relationship that much happier. Especially the last one. Nobody likes tedious paperwork, right?

#3 How to find a THAI WIFE

Now that the why is said and done, let’s move on to the how. And as you might have expected, it’s not that easy.

Girls from different countries have their own collective preferences. And these preferences, more often than not, stem from their cultural background and lifestyle. And let’s be honest. Sometimes, culture is difficult.

Lucky for you, Chalida is here, and she is back with some tips. 7 tips to be exact.

In this video, she will navigate you out of this love maze and land you right at the girl’s front door.

No need to be shy. Just watch it, and plan your date accordingly.

#4 How to Attract the right women in Thailand

Warning! Are you dating the wrong girl?

Finding the right girl is already difficult in your country. So it makes sense that it would be even more difficult in Thailand.

In this article, you will find 4 essential keys to attracting the right kind of women, or people in general, into your life in Thailand. 

Keep in mind that these are by no means tips, tricks, or hacks. These are the groundworks that you have to get through. You need these 4 keys to unlock a long-lasting relationship.

Without these 4 basics, you can’t even begin to make Thailand your home. So let’s start and make changes for the better.

#5 Destination Wedding in Thailand?

At last, you have arrived at one of the most important days of your lifetime. Your wedding day! And sure enough, you don’t want this day ruined by the wrong location.

There are thousands upon thousands of great locations in Thailand. The question is which one is the best for you and your partner. Is it the beach in Krabi? Or is it the resort in Chiang Mai? We at Baan Smile can help you with that.

We can help you browse the sites and select the perfect place for your bonding ceremony. Ready to take the vow? Let’s go.

#6 Divorce in Thailand: when the straw finally breaks the camel.

Let’s get real for a moment. Sometimes, things can go south straight to Doomsville. And unfortunately, that is true to love as well.

Thailand is among the countries with the highest divorce rate in southeast Asia. So if your couple happens to be one of them, it’s not all that strange. After all, everyone makes mistakes.

So what should you do?

You should go to the Juvenile and Family court of your province. They handle these kinds of things. But before you head to the court, talk to your lawyer. There are certain nuances in Thai family law that might differ from your country. Research before you make a move.

And there you have it. Was our information helpful? We hope our heart advice will help you deepen your relationship with your loved one. Want more content like this? Just stay tuned with Baan Smile. You will like next week’s newsletter as well.