3rd party money transfer.

Wise, formerly transferwise, offers the service of transferring funds from your overseas bank account to a Thai bank account. What are the fees? eg, Bangkok Bank states that it charges a fee at a percentage of the amount transferred, which varies from a minimum of 200 baht to a maximum of 500 baht. However, this fee is NOT listed as a transaction in a savings account passbook. I believe that its web service is describing a foreign bank to Bangkok Bank transfer. So, would the same fee apply to a 3rd party transfer, such as Wise? Also, if the foreign bank send US dollars, then Bangkok Bank charges $25 fee to convert USD to THB. Does this 2nd fee also apply to a Wise transfer, if it transfer USD? No need to contact me on this. I will look for your answer in your next Q and A video. Note that I have asked Bangkok Bank these questions and they do not seem to understand my questions -- since I only speak English.

The best way to figure this out is that banks charge their own fees.

When you send a transfer by Wise, you will see the fee that they charge in their system.

And the statement for Bangkok Bank they will show the fees for their service.

Answered 3 months ago

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