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Hello Chalida, I am wanting to come to bangkok for at least 3 months when the country fully reopens. Somewhere between the nana and on nutt bts stations. I am looking to spend 500 dollars or less per month. I am a US citizen with a valid passport. Could you please recommend 3 places or so to consider. Also, how would I get a 3 month tourist visa and could you recommend a health insurance program. I also see several doctors and take prescription medications. I do not take anything illegal in the US anyway. In regards to my medications, would I be able to get into the country without any problems? Thanks Chalida, I appreciate any help that you can give me.

Asked by @Preston Knight 11 months ago.
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Yes we can!

Please contact us privately at any of the links below this answer and our team will start working with you directly.

Answered 11 months ago by @Baan Smile