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How do I meet Thai girls in person?

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I’m tired of dating sites. It seems everyone is out to get something instead of being a real partner. Where can I meet a normal, nice girl out and about in Thailand that is NOT on a dating site?

Asked by @Ericson Smith 1 year ago.
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To get over to Thailand and meet your future girlfriend in real life ("what are you waiting for?"), find her at Watsons, at the mall, in the park, or at the coffee shop (not Starbucks). 

But if online is the only option, look at language practice websites, like Speaky or WeSpeke, as an alternative. 

You can actually find girls/women of all ages and all professions from all over Thailand who want to try to learn how to speak English, will help you practice Thai, and, in most cases, are open to meet you in the real world. 

And because these aren't "dating sites" the vibe is different and a bit more conducive to making real friends. 

Shout out to @Anon555 on Youtube.

Answered 1 year ago by @Baan Smile