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Immigration office's rules: 15-day, 3-day, 7-day, etc?

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I have seen these various rules mentioned, especially on www.thaivisa.com . I think the 7-day rule is the before and after limit regarding 90-day reporting? The 15-day rule may be in regards to submitting an application for some type of one-year visa? For example, submit your application a minimum of 15 days before giving your application to the immigration office? 3-day rule is unknown, but read in a post. How strict are these rules? My interest is renewing my non-O visa for retirement. Thanks. Note: No need to contact me. I will look for an answer in your next Q and A video on youtube.com .

Asked by @Lennie 10 months ago.
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Ok, We are working on a video on the 90 day reporting. But we do have a new video up now on visas.

Answered 10 months ago by @Baan Smile