How to run a business in Thailand?

Okej, This is sounds wonderful and I’m you can looking up the stuff for me in Thailand. And off course I will pay you for all cost of your time and energy you give it to me. So how much money do you want for your work? Tel me the price!… My plans is to run the business on my mom home town on “Phetchabun” and I looking for store or a land to buy there! If I can get a land so I will build up new one! About salaries! What do you thinks is good price? In my mind I want to pay months pay on every months to the people. And do you think I can barrow Thai money from bank? If I can do it so I can cutting off my time and I can spending more time in Thailand for focus on the business. About the economy I have people will support me every months from Sweden. Is around 50 000 bath a month I get. I got a other question! My friend he want to be my partner on company and he is Swedish guy. He need to buy business visa & work permit? This is my WhatsApp +46 72 729 45 54‬ Add me here so we can make a deal easier for both of us. ~ Mandriths ~

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