Esan, Thailand Retirement Budget

Here's a detailed breakdown of how much it costs to live and retire in Esan, Thailand, with a monthly budget of $2000 USD for 5 years.

Congratulations! Your income of $2000 USD per month allows you to live in Esan, Thailand at the "Executive" level.

Starter: The minimum you'll need to be comfortable  |  Sabai-Sabai: You can flex a little and travel around Thailand  |  Executive: Rent a really nice place and have a wonderful time.

Here's your detailed monthly budget for Esan

  • Entertainment

    Movies/popcorn twice a month
    Restaurant 3 times a month @ 400 THB per meal
    Streaming Service
    Netflix / Disney / HBO Streaming services
  • Health

    Health Insurance Premium
    70,000 THB Per year. Up to 70 years old. Amortized per month for this budget.
    Dental (fund)
    Tooth cleaning twice per year @ 1,900 THB per visit. Add to the fund.
    Doctor Visits & Checkups (fund)
    Annual checkups at a private hospital (no insurance) 4,000 THB
    Gym & Fitness
    Average monthly cost of a monthly gym plan
    Weekly hourly thai or oil massage at 350 THB per visit
  • Household

    Monthly rent
    Electric costs will depend on your aircon useage
    Monthly water cost
    Unlimited data only phone plan from 2Mbs
    Home internet access from 500 Mbs download and above
    Cleaning each time at 750 THB
    Maintenance Fund
    This is a fund that you can keep to fix broken things
  • Immigration

    Visa Fund
    Visa fund for fees and visa agent
  • Miscellenous

    Generic miscellenous funds
  • Supplies

    Local Groceries & Meals
    1000 THB per week on groceries per person
    Foreign Groceries
    Online Shopping
    Food Delivery
    1000 THB per week on food delivery services per person
  • Travel

    Taxi Service
    Average public taxi 60 THB per ride, 6 one way trips per week
    Average BTS/MRT ride 50 THB @ 4 trips per week
    Flight Fund - Emergency
    We recommend putting aside minimum 1,000 THB per month in an emergency flight fund just in case you have to go home
    Thailand Travel Fund
    Set aside some funds depending on your travel needs between provinces in Thailand
    Hotel Fund
    Set aside funds for hotel stays within Thailand (holiday within a holiday)
  • Other one-time expenses to consider

    • Deposits & up-front payments

      3 months deposit.
      1 months deposit.
      3 months deposit.
      Health Insurance Premium
      4 months deposit.
      Gym & Fitness
      1 months deposit.
      Visa Fund
      12 months deposit.
      Total Deposits
      Bank Deposit for Visa Requirement
      This is your money, but used to show the immigration authorities so you can get your visa. You can use this money once you get your visa. But you do need to show it the next time you renew your visa.


    * These estimates and resulting calculations do not include cost of living increases year over year.

    * These estimates and calculations do not take into account the possibility of exchange rate fluctuations. As of this moment 2022-12-04T15:33:32.742784Z the current exchange rate is ฿34.6955 THB to 1 USD.

    * We are constantly updating the underlying numbers to reflect changes in the marketplace. As a result, these numbers are estimates and averages of the costs in the areas involved and will continually change over time. Your personal situation and your case is probably different. These are just offered as a guideline for your Thailand retirement planning. You should always do your own due diligence.

    * Baan Smile is not responsible for your actions as a results of these estimates.

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