Remote Work Package - 90 days

Many companies are allowing remote workers to work in another country for up to 90 days. With a 60+30 day visa, ultra-high speed internet, great food, excellent transportation and a dynamic environment, Thailand is perfect to clear your brain and focus on important projects or take a working vacation for up to 3 months

"We are extremly satisfied of your first report of 5 pages regarding our next trip to Thailand and Vietnam in October 2022. We feel safe in your hands and have got all the answers to our questions on zoom with you two, even more. We apreciate the accuracy of your proposals & answers from our needs. We will work on the plan that you sent to us and then feedback to you."

Who does the Remote Work package apply to?

If you're a digital nomad, or a employee of a company that is allowing you to work offshore for up to 3 months, then this package is perfect for you. Maybe you just want to shift the environment so that you can get inspired again.

Does Thailand have good internet speeds?

With some of the highest speeds in Asia, Thailand is absolutely digitally connected. From Gigabit fiber speeds, to high speed mobile connections that can easily serve as your primary internet connection on the go. Moreover, the cost of mobile internet that can be shared with your laption is frequently less than 25% of the cost in most western countries. 

What do I get in this package?

This package is designed to make it easy for you to board a flight and get productive from day one in Bangkok or Pattaya. You get:

  • Thai 60 day Visa
  • Thailand Pass
  • 30 Day extension after you arrive
  • A condo or guest house to stay at that is close to transportation
  • High speed internet
  • Phone SIM card with 10mbps unlimited package for 90 days
  • Concierge service for help with anything you need in Thailand

What do I need?

You need a passport that's valid for at least another 6 months and a flight to Thailand. We will take care of the rest of it.

Can I chose where I get to stay?

Yes! We will present you with 3 options and explain the locations so you can see where you are going to be, what's in the neighborhood and transportation options.

Can I bring my family, children, significant other or just a buddy?

Absolutely! Let us know how many of you will be coming so we can create the best package for you and get your visas and the correct size of the location all sorted out.

What will it cost?

Once you fill out the application form indicating where you want to stay, we will put together your package and present the final price.

How do I get permission from my job?

If you already work remotely (or even if you don't) we recommend you ask your HR department or your immediate superior for permission to work remotely. Be honest about where you are going and what times you will be able to work. Remember that Bangkok is +12 hours ahead of Eastern time, +15 hours ahead of Pacific time and +7 hours ahead of GMT.

Are there any age limits?

The primary person for this package should be at least 18 years old of any gender.

What about Thai Language and getting around?

Our concierge service will be happy to help you find anything and any kind of service you want. Bangkok and Pattaya are cosmopolitan cities. And as such any kind of shopping, services or products are available. Our service can suggest places to go, things to do, get you a special chair or desk for work, help you find computer and phone equipment and accessories and even clean your home and do your laundry.

You will have a special text number that you can make any requests at day or night.

How do I get started?

Apply at the button below and we will start putting together your package!

Frequently Asked Questions

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