When arriving to Thailand you'll come to find that your card getting rejected in certain areas, which can be extremely frustrating. That's why its essential to open a bank account in Thailand if you plan stay for long-term or permanently in the country. Though this might sound easy, not every bank is the right one, and we understand just how important it is to have a reliable bank for your money.

Krungthai Bank

Using Krungthai Bank will get you access to calculation tools. The bank provides a numerous amount of plans for you to choose from. The bank as well gives updates on things like deals and news dealing with the bank so you are always aware of the happenings of the bank.

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With CIMB you can open an account with just a visitor visa. Foreigners and expats are able to access the platform online whenever and wherever to see their account. It is mandatory to deposit 1000THB into the account in the beginning.

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Citibank might be a familiar name, having origins inside the US. This bank is great for expats and non-residents who handle a lot of multi-location banking. If you deposit over 3 million Thai Baht (THB) (about $92,930 USD) into your bank your account will automatically update to a Gold status. Using the Citibank credit card allows you to build points that can be later redeemed for savings at Thai Air.

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Kasikorn Bank

Kasikorn Bank is one of the most popular banks for both locals and foreigners. When starting your account there is no minimum deposit. The bank makes it accessible to expats by having a Foreign Currency Deposit Account. We personally recommend the Sukhumvit 33 branch—it being the most friendly.

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Bangkok Bank

Being Thailand's largest bank, it's known for being most welcoming to non-residents and foreigners. It's branches extend past the border, into places like London or New York. The bank offers great exchange rates for international wire transfers. It also allows account holders to connect a western branch to their PayPal account for quick money transfers.

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