Self Defense Combat Schools

Learn how to defend yourself in tough situations with combat experts. When it comes to facing the world, you never know what might hit you, literally. Going to one of Thailand's amazing self defense schools will assure that you are ready to protect yourself from any perpetrator that could be bad news. Not only will you learn combat skills, but it is another way to stay in excellent shape.

Hand-to-Hand Combat School

Offers self-defense training and person-to-person combat, and gain knowledge to be aware of your surroundings. You will learn self-defense and combat techniques, and know how to protect yourself in an emergency situation. Learning self-defense and combat are useful skills for your own protection, and you can make new friends at the class, while staying in Thailand for up to one year. The school will help you prepare for the education visa, if you are already in Thailand or outside the country. The price ranges from 34,000 THB to 52,000 THB, depending on whether you want to pick up your visa inside or outside Thailand.

63/15, Rat Uthit 5 Alley, Wat Ket, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50000

Chiang Mai Buddy's Self-Defense Training

Offers 12-month self-defense training for all ages You will learn self-defense techniques instructed by skilled team of Thai military polices Learning self-defense techniques on weekends, while staying in Thailand for up to one year. The program will help you with the education visa preparation if you are already in Thailand. The price is at 33,000 THB (visa paperwork included).

81 Huay Kaew Road, (corner Sirimangkalajarn Road), Suthep, Chiang Mai, Thailand 50200