What is the process for purchasing property in Thailand?

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They always said that as long as you have the money you can buy everything you want but if you want to purchase a property then is not that easy because there are a lot of things you need to know.

Purchasing a property in Thailand there are things you need to process. These are the steps you need to follow in able for you to purchase a property;

Step 1 – Find a reputable real estate agent 

The process of buying property in Thailand as a foreigner can be complicated, so working with a well-established real estate company that has developed a solid reputation for delivering excellent customer service is an essentiality

Step 2 – Consulting with your legal representation 

With proper legal representation, they can vet all of the potential sellers and relevant documentation on your behalf. 

Step 3 – A title search 

A thorough title search will trace the property back to its very first possession, revealing any registered interests on the land, such as existing mortgages, etc

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