Tour with Chalida

Want to know the neighborhoods in Bangkok or Pattaya? Deciding where you should buy a house or rent a condo? Need someone to help you translate and take you around for the day? Or just want to see more of the sights? Book a day with our Youtube host Chalida!

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One of the most fun or frustrating things in Bangkok is not knowing the neighborhoods, the people or the language. No worries, Chalida (nickname "Beer") can help you with that.

Your intrepid Youtube host knows Bangkok and Thailand very well. After all, she is a native Thai person!

Start your day

Chalida will pick you up in her own car from your condo or hotel at the time you specify. Because of normal Bangkok traffic, it's a good idea to start the day early. Especially if you are going a bit outside of the city.

What kinds of activities can I do?

Here is an example of some of the things you can ask Chalida to help you with:

  • Visit potential neighborhoods to live in
  • See condos or homes you want to rent or buy
  • Explore interesting neighborhoods
  • Help you with your shopping trip
  • Translations
  • Run many errands in one day
  • A day trip to Pattaya
  • Visit any of the provinces or cities near to Bangkok
  • Explore the culture of Thailand
  • Take you on a food tour
  • Night markets
  • Nightclub and Skybar hopping
  • See some sights
  • Visit with friends outside of Bangkok.
  • A day at the beach with your family.

Why should I chose Chalida instead of just a taxi?

Chalida understands English perfectly. She also knows the insider secrets of Thailand. You can ask any questions. She is flexible in stopping at random places or changing directions as you wish. You do not have to worry about waiting.

She will explain the areas that you are visiting and accompany you to translate. She will help you go into places that you might worry about entering because you are a foreigner with limited Thai language skills. She will save you money when shopping.

Chalida will make a boring, hot and tiring day interesting and exciting!

What time will I finish the day?

It depends on your activity. For example if you start in the morning, the tour will be finished 8 hours later. If you opt for visit night markets or sky bars, the tour will be finished at an appropriate time.

How far ahead do I have to book?

Please book your day with Chalida at least 24 hours before. Last minute bookings might attract a higher price if you only give a few hours notice. 


What else is included?

Free water, sodas and snacks will be provided. Chalida will also provide masks, hand santizers etc. You will have to pay for hotels, entrance fees, highway tolls or any other reasonable expenses at the discretion of your host. 

What if my trip lasts overnight?

No problem. Expect to book separate hotel rooms for yourself and Chalida for the night. Since the fee for the booking is per day, you will be charged for an extra day the next morning. If you want to go on an excursion out of town, plan on hotels, dinner and other additional expenses for yourself.

Can I bring my family or friends with me?

Yes, each trip with Chalida can be up to 3 people. The price is per person, per day. We will give a discount for additional parties to your tour.

"Eric and Miss Pea will do everything possible to make your process go easy and fast."
~ Kurt Conover