Video 7 Types of Thai Girls to AVOID on Tinder in Thailand | Baan Smile 2021

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Be honest. A big part of the reason you're coming to Thailand is to find a nice girlfriend or wife. Right? Because It's increasingly difficult to do so in westernized countries.

In this video Chalida gives you the breakdown on which Thai girls to avoid on Tinder, Bumble, Badoo and others.

In Summary, avoid:
#7 Thai Girls who use a lot of filters
#6 Thai Girls with "love me, love my dog"
#5 Thai Girls who say "Text me on Instagram"
#4 The Thai Party Girl
#3 Thai Girls with only photos and no Tinder bio
#2 Thai girls who ask you about your job
#1 Thai girls who only reply with one word

* Women who work in Thai massage shops
* Thai Girls who work in nightclubs and bars
* Girls from South Korea, China and Hong Kong
* Thai Girls who insist you immediately contact them on LINE
* Thai Girls who want to meet "tonight"
* Thai girls who call you "darling" or "dear".


How can we help you?