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Can you start a business in Thailand?
You’ve probably been to Thailand and seen how huge Bangkok or other cities are. And you’ve probably wondered if you can start a business in Thailand.

But are there opportunities? Can you succeed?

The answer is YES.

It’s not difficult to start a business in Thailand. Thousands of foreigners for hundreds of years have started businesses in Thailand.

Why do you think that you are any different from any of these people?

Why do you think that you don’t qualify to do this?

If you’ve ever started a business anywhere, then you can start one in Thailand as well.

Your biggest challenge as always, is not starting a business… it will be navigating the language and culture.

But if you like a challenge, you can do quite well.

Who is this for?
This video is for people who have been to Thailand and have thought about running a business here.

This video is also for people who have a sense of adventure and want to start something different in another country.

This video is also for people already who have a job in Thailand and want to use the knowledge of the culture to start a business.

And finally, this video is for people who want to make money.

That’s right. Money.

We here at Baan Smile are capitalists. We believe in making money. We believe in creating jobs. We believe in creating something out of nothing but a good idea.

You can watch our other video about starting a business in Thailand. We have the link to that video in the description below.

To register your business, just contact us at the Baan Smile website and we can get it done for you in under 2 weeks. We also have that link in the description.

But just to summarize -- for most businesses you do need a Thai partner to own at least 51% of the business shares. There can be more than one Thai person.

And Baan Smile can help you find the right Thai partner for your business.

But don’t worry, you can have preferred shares, so you retain all the power in the business.

If you are going to require a visa, you need to pay the social security for at least 4 Thai employees.

And once the papers are filed and the company is formed, you can open a business bank account in Thailand at any bank you like.

You can sign up with a Credit Card processor such as Omise to start accepting credit cards.

You can register a website with the dot-”t”-”h” (.th) domain name.

And finally, you can set up your company to do up to 23 kinds of businesses.

So as you can see, the setup of the company itself is not that difficult, everything I just described can be completed in about two weeks -- all you have to do is sign the papers and you’re done.

Visas & Work Permit
But what about visas and work permits? After all, you probably do not want to run the company remotely.

If you need to be here in Thailand to run your company, you will need a business visa and work permit.

To get that business visa, your company has to have a registered address in Thailand as well as those members of staff we spoke about before.

These staff members can be full-time or part time.

Baan Smile can help you process this visa and also get your work permit. This visa is eligible for one year and you have to renew each year.

Types of Businesses to Start
So now that we discussed the why and the how of starting a business in Thailand.. The question is.. What kind of businesses would make sense here?

We are assuming you already have a business idea.

However… If you do not have a business idea as yet, then maybe some of these might give you some inspiration.

Types of businesses we cover:

* Service Business in Thailand
* Restaurant Business in Thailand
* Starting a Bar in Thailand
* IT & Tech Business in Thailand
* School & Education Business in Thailand
* Travel & Tour Company in Thailand
* Hospitality & Resort Business in Thailand

The most important thing is to not listen to the naysayers. Don’t listen to the people who tell you it can’t be done. Because obviously, there are thousands of successful businesses around Thailand that are started and run by foreigners.

The most important things are…
You need an idea.
You need to have the skills to execute that idea.
And you will have competition. Don’t think for a moment that there are no businesses like yours already here.

What you can bring to Thailand is a different perspective of doing things that some people will appreciate and be excited about.

Remember guys, Here at Baan Smile we always tell you to be on your own purpose.

Your purpose could be just retirement.
Your purpose could be to get a job.
Your purpose could be to start a business.

It can be done! You can start a business in Thailand.

Contact us for an affordable and streamlined business startup package.

See you next time!

How can we help you?