Video Can you RENT a condo in Thailand? Let's find out! | Baan Smile | 2021

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Today’s video is going to be important for many of you planning on coming to live in Thailand.

We get this question all the time --- Can I rent a condo in Thailand? There are no laws against anyone renting a condo in Thailand. It’s going to be up to the owner of the condo to decide to rent to you.

So what do Thai owners look for? And how do they decide if they want to rent to you? Just like in any other country, owners have biases and prejudices. But this is actually less of a problem in Thailand than in other countries. The bottom line is, if you are a foreigner, then more than likely you will not have any problems renting a condo here.

We will go through:
1. How much you need for rental deposit in Thailand
2. Minimum rental contract durations in bangkok
3. How to pay utilities
4. What kind of documents you need
5. How to pay rent in Thailand
6. Who is responsible for apartment repairs
7. Special requests
8. Credit check in Thailand
9. Travelling while opening a condo in Thailand
10. How to move out and get back your rental deposit in Thailand
11. Receiving mail at your Thailand address

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How can we help you?