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Video Choosing in Bangkok: HOTEL, CONDO, AIRBNB, HOUSE - Which one to pick?

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Picking the right kind of place to stay in Bangkok is quite dependent on how long you will stay in the city. Get help: finding a home:

#1 Staying 2 weeks or less
Pick a hotel

#2 Staying 3 months of less
Pick AirBnB - best to stay in more than one so you can experience different areas in Bangkok.

#3 Staying 1 year or less
Rent a condo. Leasing a condo for 6 months or a year in Thailand is less expensive than a hotel and allows you to experience living in Thailand.

#4 Long term stays
If you're retired, have a business visa, Elite Visa or Other long term type of stays, we recommend to rent a home or townhouse. Put on your big boy pants and get out of the condos.

In the end it's up to you, but we are very opinionated on Baan Smile based on the kinds of experiences we see in our daily lives here.

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