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Video DATING while RETIRED in THAILAND? Is it possible?

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Today Cameron talks about his dating experiences both at home and in Thailand. Get your retirement visa here: https://www.baansmile.com/go?type=retirement-oa

Questions covered in this video:
#1 - Were you married or dating in Australia?
#2 - What are some of the main differences between women in Australia and Thailand?
#3 - What are the biggest misconceptions about Thai women?
#4 - How old are you and how old is your girlfriend now?
#5 - What was your worst relationship story in Australia?
#6 - What was your worst relationship story in Thailand?
#7 - You’ve been coming to Thailand for a long time, what are the main differences between Thai women in the first years and now?
#7 - How do you meet women in Thailand?
#8 - What’s your ideal “age gap” age and why?
#9 - How do you react to western women shaming you for coming to Thailand?
#10 - Are Thai girls really that Jealous?
#11 - Finally, are you planning to get married in Thailand?


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