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It's come to the point where you need to open a bank account in Thailand. But which bank should you chose? In this video we go over 5 of the top banks in Thailand and which are the most Foreigner Friendly banks.

If you can't open an account in Thailand as yet, then the next best thing is TransferWise. You can transfer money to any bank account in Thailand in minutes (slower on weekends):

Ok, so Thailand has a bunch of big banks.
In no particular order, they are:

Kasikorn Bank
Bangkok Bank
Krung Thai Bank
KrungSri Bank

There are other banks, but we will focus on these banks for now, since they can be easily found in every shopping center, 7-11, or street all around Thailand.

If you need help opening a bank account in Thailand, please contact us:

How to open a bank account in Thailand?
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How can we help you?