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If you’ve been working in Thailand for a long time, or married to a Thai Citizen, then maybe, just maybe, it's time to become a Permanent Resident.

For a long time there have been a lot of myths and rumours about becoming a Thai permanent resident.

This video is going to put a lot of those to rest.

We’ve thoroughly researched Thai permanent residency, and put together the facts, the links, the cost and all the real information so you can make the correct decision.

I’m going to tell you who can apply for this visa, what you need to do and how much you need to pay.

This video is NOT about Thai citizenship. Only about Thai Permanent Residency. We will prepare a video about Thai Citizenship in the future.

So let me make one thing clear. To be able to apply for Thai Permanent Residency, you have to be working and making money in Thailand. AND paying taxes.


This means that if you have an Elite Visa. A retirement visa or any other kind of visa that does not allow you to work in Thailand -- forget it. You cannot get permanent residency here.

So if you have any one of these other visas, then you need to just keep renewing it before it expires so you can stay in Thailand.

Also, if you are a man married to a Thai Citizen and you are not working, then you also are not able to get permanent residency. I know, this is bad news for those of you who thought just by marrying your girlfriend in Thailand and living the easy life without working in Thailand, things would be easier. But they are not.

I repeat again… you have to be working and paying taxes.

The Ultimate Guide to Thai Permanent Residence:

Official Requirements for Thai Permanent Residencyการเปิดรับคำขอเพื่อมีถ-2&portfolioCats=45%2C45

When and How to Apply

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