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We really love dogs here, and that’s why Thailand is one of the easiest countries to bring your dogs to. Ask us how!

So if you’re coming to Thailand for an extended period of time, or permanently, then you don’t have to leave your dogs behind. They will have many well behaved doggie friends when they arrive here in Thailand.

In this video we are going to walk you through step by step how to get your dog into the country with the minimum hassle.

#1 - Get an import permit from Thailand
#2 - Get an export permit from your home country
#3 - Go to your vet so that your dog can get all shots
#4 - Get your dog a microchip
#5 - Bring your dog to Thailand!
#6 - Most dogs do not need quarantine!!!

Dogs not allowed to come to thailand:
* Pit Bulls
* Some kinds of Terriers
Do you think you like dogs? well let me tell you thai people love dogs.

You will see dogs on motorbikes.
You will see dogs in the 7-Eleven.
You will see dogs wearing clothes everywhere.
You can bring cats and other animals to Thailand too, but in this video, we will talk about dogs, because, well, we at Baan Smile are "dog people". But the same rules apply for cats too.

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How can we help you?