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You've moved to Thailand and found a great women. Don't make the same mistakes you did in your home country!

You’re in a new country.
Thailand is exciting.
The women are beautiful.
And you’re finally moving here for good.

Yaaayyyyy!!! Congratulations!!! I’m happy you are going to be here.

Many guys who come to Thailand are escaping bad relationships or situations in the west, and want to start over their personal lives again. For many it has been difficult to date a woman in the west.

So you’ve met someone really nice in Thailand, and maybe it's time to start over your love life again. Maybe it's time to find some happiness once again in your life.

But how do you keep that girl? How do you stop from making the same mistakes you made back home?

How do you build the relationship so she becomes a permanent part of your life?

There is nothing that will turn you away from Thailand than getting a broken heart. Having your heart broken here means all you will want to do is to go back home.

You will be one of those farang that talk endless bad things about Thailand. We don’t want that.

Anyway, who is this video for??

If you’ve met a woman who works in the bar, nightclub, entertainment or massage place, then this video is NOT for you. Please go to another video. Good.

For those who remain, this video is for you who found a nice lady. Someone who has a regular job in an office, a restaurant, a store or on a farm or even has a business. She even maybe went to college.

In other words --- A “serious” Thai girl.

This video is about how to keep your Thai girlfriend and one hopefully one day make her more permanent.

And let’s be honest, that’s a big part of the reason why you’ve decided to live for the next several years --- or even the rest of your life here in Thailand.

So let’s begin. These are some tips and techniques on how you keep your Thai girlfriend and have a happy relationship.

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#1 - Learn a little Thai Language
#2 - Be generous
#3 - Long distance relationships don’t work
#4 - Understand what you mean to her
#5 - Practice good hygiene
#6 - Appreciate what she does for you
#7 - Respect her family
#8 - Stay in Thailand
#9 - Don’t make her lose face
#10 - Don’t pedestalize her.
#11 - Be humble
#12 - Have your own purpose.

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How can we help you?