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For many people it’s hard to make local friends when you travel.
You will see foreigners stay in their own group with each other most of the time. But really, you can’t live a good life in Thailand unless you make good local friends.

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So why should you make Thai friends?

#1 To learn the culture
Let’s face it, you cannot learn the culture from another foreigner. It will be at least second hand. It is best to learn the culture from another person who was born into it. Learning the culture is not something that is just theory. It will help you to do almost everything you want to do in Thailand faster and with less mistakes.

#2 To learn the language
Your Thai friends will speak a lot of Thai with other people. And you cannot help but to pickup what you hear. Some of the words you hear repeated again and again you should ask what they mean and try to say them yourself. Your Thai friends will correct you -- several times [laugh].

#3 To get help when you need it
Quick - how many of you know the number to call the police in Thailand? Can you quickly describe where you live? How about if you get in an accident or have a crime committed against you? What if you have to speak to an official person who does not speak English?
This is another good reason to have genuine Thai friends to help you when you need it.

#4 It’s good to have local friends
The last reason is simple - humans are social animals and everyone needs friends. Even Thai people! They like to have foreign friends so they can learn your culture and language and you want the same thing too.

Special note for guys.
So finally, this is a special note for you guys.
You are about 92% of the audience for this channel, so here’s a little bit of a serious note for you.

Try to make friends with Thai guys. I’m serious!!!

Sure, its good to make female friends too. But as a guy, you need to meet male Thai friends.

Let’s be honest.

When you have female friends, there is always the possibility of some kind of romantic attachment. That’s just how the male brain works.

However when you have guy friends, its a pure friendship.

You can do things with other guys that you cannot do with girls.
You can talk about things that you cannot talk about with women.

And most importantly, men and men everywhere you go. So as a man, your male friends will understand you in a way that no woman can -- not even your wife or girlfriend.

Many studies around the world prove that man with good male friends are happier in life.

That’s just how it is.

Making friends is so important guys.

This is not something that just happens. You have to actually work at doing it.

But the benefits are out of this world and well worth the work!

If you have more tips on making friends in Thailand or any other country, please leave them in the comments below!

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