Video How to OPEN a BANK ACCOUNT in THAILAND | Baan Smile 2021

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Almost everyone on this channel is interested in opening a bank account in Thailand. Get a consultation:

Today I'll tell you why you should open an account, and how you can do it, even if you’re just a tourist spending a few months in Thailand.

This advice is for people who will be spending at least 3 months in Thailand. It’s not for you if you’re gonna be here for only a month or two.

This advice is only for you IF you’re going to be more than a few years here, or IF you plan to visit Thailand more than once a year.

Contact us at the link in the description if you need help to get a bank account in Thailand.

#1 Can a Tourist open an account?

Almost anyone can open a bank account in Thailand. Some banks are more permissive, while others are much more strict.

Generally, if you’re just a tourist here for a short time, you will need a letter of recommendation. This could be from your Embassy or Consulate in Bangkok, a reputable company in the city, a lawyer or other trustworthy and well known entity.

If you rent a condo with a one year lease, you can also get a bank account in Thailand. Contact us at Baan Smile and we can set up your bank account opening appointment at the right banks that allow this.

And yes, not all banks allow this.

Once you have that one year lease, then it does not matter if you’re just in Thailand for a few days or a few months, you can open the bank account. Because the bank will see that you have good long term ties to the Kingdom.

#2 Can I open an account if I have a business or a Job in Thailand?

If you are opening a business in Thailand, then you just need to show your passport and work permit and that’s it. Just like magic, you can open an account at any bank in Thailand.

With a registered company in Thailand, you open a Business account as well as personal accounts for yourself.

And finally, If you got a job in Thailand you also only need your work permit and passport.

Please contact us at to learn about opening a business in Thailand.

#3 Can I get a credit card in Thailand?

Yes, you can get a credit card in Thailand.

But to do so, you really have to have a job or a business and be paying yourself a salary, or be paid a salary from your job.

Most banks also want to see you making some kind of minimum salary that’s between 30,000 baht to about 80,000 baht, depending on the bank. So please shop around.

Just like in your country, they will start you off with a low credit limit, then increase it if you pay your bills on time.

Thailand does have a credit rating system very similar to most western countries.

So if you do get a credit card, please don’t ruin your credit in Thailand.

#4 Will I get a debit card?

Yes, of course.

Most banks now will automatically give you a Visa Debit card when you open the account.

And Yes, you can use this card to purchase items online anywhere around the world, just like your own debit card in your country.

Of course, if you do travel, please notify your Thai bank that you will be using the card in another country so your card does not get flagged for being lost or stolen.

And if your debit card gets lost or stolen you can just call or visit your bank to cancel the old one and get a replacement.

#5 What about bank fees?

Just like other banks around the world, Thai banks also charge fees. Some fees are lower, and some fees are higher.

Fees vary depending on the bank that you use.

#6 Can I open the account remotely from my own country?


And this is just like your country.
A Thai person cannot go online and open a bank account in your country.

It’s just not possible in 2021 because of fraud, money laundering and banking regulations in any country around the world.

We get this question a lot.

You have to be in Thailand.
Feet on the ground.
Inside the bank branch.
Where they can see and touch you in person.

So yes guys, you can open a bank account in Thailand.

And Baan Smile can make the process easy for you.

Let us know when you’re going to be in Bangkok and we’ll help you get your documents setup, go with you to the bank, help with translating and you’ll have your very own Thai bank account opened quickly.

Please contact us at the link in the description to set up a consultation on opening a bank account in Thailand.

We’ll let you know what you need and if you qualify.

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