Video How to RETIRE in Thailand - VISA, COST, PLANNING - Baan Smile 2021

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You’ve probably visited Thailand as a tourist before and loved it. You loved the beaches, the people, the culture and the food. You’ve checked things out and realized that you might qualify to get one of these retirement visas.

But what does it take? Can you really do it? Are you able to tolerate the differences between Thailand and your home country?

The main problem for most people wanting to come to Thailand is money.

The rest of the process is just paperwork that your visa agent will handle for you. Once you have the money, you just have to sign paperwork and get your visas.

The second problem is the culture shock.

Thailand can be different from your country in many ways, and to be honest a lot of people cannot handle it and they go to another country or go home.

Thailand is not for everyone.

But for those who decide to come here, it can work out.

So guys, get your money right. But you must also:
Learn some Thai.
Accept that Thailand is not the same as your home country.
Make more Thai friends.

These are things we say in almost every Baan Smile video. Do them and you will be ok.

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