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If you're an entrepreneur, starting a business in Thailand could be easier than you think.

First, ignore the naysayers. Plenty of foreigners from every conceivable country have started businesses all over the kingdom of Thailand. Yes, there is paperwork, yes there are hurdles to jump through, but these pale in comparison to the normal task of running a business in any country around the world.

What i'm saying is, the process of forming the business is fairly easy. The hard part -- just like any other country -- is finding staff, making sure your business model works and getting paid.

So let's walk through how you get get your business started, and how it can help you to get your visa, work permit and to actually own land and property in Thailand.

Marriage is definitely not the best way to get settled in Thailand. Starting a business is infinitely better and has less risks and is less expensive.

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How can we help you?