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Bangkok is not all about high rises and condos. There are many different kinds of residences in Thailand.

If you're a baller, then you have many options, from a small one room apartment to a palatial home like the one in this video.

If you want to rent or buy a house like this (or just a normal, boring condo - lol) in Bangkok, please contact us:

6 Bedrooms & 8 Bathrooms -- yes, you read that right.

Today I was invited by Smile Clean to come make a video about a home that's being cleaned. Check out Smile Clean here if you want your home or restaurant cleaned in Bangkok:

The home is in an exclusive gated community in the heart of Bangkok. And is about 15 minutes (with normal traffic) from all the exciting shopping and entertainment areas in the city.

Amenities in the home:
* Basement (rare in Bangkok)
* Swimming pool
* Maid quarters
* 6 Bedrooms
* 7 Bathrooms
* 2 Kitchens
* Dining Room
* 2 Living Rooms
* Floor to ceiling windows
* Community sports center
* Gated community

There is so much to say, but it's better to watch this video.

Contact us for more detail!


How can we help you?