Video THAI GIRL Dating tips. Is Thailand gone RED PILL? | Baan Smile 2021

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Whatever the reason you come to Thailand - for business, retirement, tourism, education or other reasons -- in the back of your mind, there is the hope that you will that forever partner. Today Chalida gives you more tips for doing that but also maintaining your masculine frame.

Now, more than ever, its easy for a Thai Girl on a farm somewhere in Essan to attract attention with just Instagram from every man around the world.

One of the reasons why women are like the butterfly is because some men are too desperate and do not approach they woman that like from a masculine perspective.

We offer 10 Tips in this video:

#1 Don’t experience her world - make her experience your world.
#2 Don’t make her lead your relationship
#3 Ask her to do stuff for you
#4 Don’t buy her free gifts
#5 Let her chase you
#6 Don’t accept lying or cheating
#7 She is not the only one
#8 Don’t say “I love you” first.
#9 Don’t ask her to be your girlfriend
#10 Just accept female nature

A lot of these rules are good for dating in any part of the world. We’ve added a few tips here and there that are different for Thailand.

Guys, don’t get bitter if your heart is broken.

Don’t say that all the girls in Thailand are bad if you meet someone that was not good for you.

Thailand is a different culture and a different country, but many of the same rules apply.

If you would like to share some of your dating experiences in the comments below, then I look forward to reading them.

And don't get triggered ladies -- we will have tips for foreign women dating in Thailand soon too!!

How can we help you?