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Video Thai Girl teaches you How to Get a Credit Card in Thailand

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We discuss how and why to get a credit card in Thailand.

Looking to fully integrate or live long term in Thailand? Having credit card will become very beneficial to you.

Benefits of having a credit card in Thailand
Although it is not essential to have one, there are many benefits of having a local credit card compared to using one from your home country. 

We absolutely suggest you get one if you meet the requirements. 

Some of the benefits include:

* Saving money on foreign currency surcharges. Having a local one means that you won’t have any extra surcharges as you would with your foreign one.
* Benefits such as discounts at restaurants, for travel and cash backs helps you save money and are only available when using local credit cards, not foreign ones.
* Utilities and phone bills can directly be cut from your local credit. Are saving you time to queue up.
* Points earned can be used to redeem for gifts or flight tickets with Thai Airways or Bangkok Airways with some cards also offering free lounge access at the airport.
* Allows you to build your credit status with the banks, which could be useful for other banking products such as loans etc. 

Where can you get credit cards from?
* KBank
* Bangkok Bank

Necessary Requirements for Credit Cards
* Have a minimum monthly salary of 50,000 THB. 
* Have at least one year working experience.
The document required are:
* Passport, Visa and valid work permit (at least 6 months validity left).
* Income statement and proof of income.
Sounds like a lot of work? Use BaanSmile’s services to get assistance in getting your credit card.

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(0:00) INTRO
(0:49) Can I get a credit card in Thailand?
(1:26) Benefit of having a credit card in Thailand
(3:05) How to apply for a credit card
(4:00) Which banks should I go to?

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