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Ask Baan Smile #2 - Who can travel to Thailand in 2021?

Thailand has one of the lowest Covid rates in the world, and as of the date of this video, 83 people have died and there have been about 25,000 cases in which 99% have recovered.

So as you can imagine, many people want to come here.

There’s a lot of confusion about who can come to Thailand now.

*First of all, let me say this - if you just want to visit Thailand tor a few weeks, now is not the best time for you.*

And even though you can enter Thailand for 45 day on a visa exemption right now, you have to go through 14 days of quarantine.

So your one month vacation to Thailand just would not make too much sense, unless you have plans to do something interesting in your 14 day quarantine hotel.

Now let’s talk about who can come now.

We will start with the S.T.V. or the Special Tourist Visa.

This visa allows you to come to Thailand for up to 90 days and extend your visa up to two times, so you get a maximum time of 9 months without having to leave Thailand.

It’s the perfect time to ride out the rest of the year until the quarantine is over and then you can go back home!

You can get a work visa if you got a job in Thailand.

You can get a business visa if you plan to open a business in Thailand.

And once you have a business visa for your new business, if you hire some Thai staff, you can get a work permit and a 1 year visa to go along with it.

Then there is the Retirement Visa for people over 50 years of age.

Finally, there are visas for Volunteer, School and Family.

Of course, there is always a Marriage visa. But Baan Smile does not normally recommend that route — we will make a video about that at another time.

So those are the people who can enter Thailand now.

But really, it only makes sense for you if you can work remotely, you’re ready to start a business, or you’re already retired.

Of course, everyone entering Thailand, regardless of the type of visa or the way how you enter, has to pass a Covid-19 test, have health insurance and do the mandatory 14 day quarantine.

We hope that as more people get vaccinated, and the Covid-19 rates keep going down, Thailand will be open for normal travel.

Anyway, please contact us at the link in the description to talk about your personal situation.

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