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Personal Assistance Services for Retirees, Expats & Visitors to Thailand.

Planning on coming to Thailand for a long or short time? Get help with visas, finding a home, personal shopping, driver licenses, tours, translations, home & personal services and almost everything else.

What do you need?

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New to Thailand?  Feeling overwhelmed?

Moving to a new city is exciting. But if you don't speak the language and don't know where to find things, you can feel lost pretty quickly. Baan Smile is your personal resource to get everything done.

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What do you want to do?

Here's just a few things that our English and Thai speaking team can do for you.


From deciding what visa you can get, to extensions and renewals, the team can do it for you.


We'll find the perfect Condo, Townhome or House in Bangkok and Phuket that meets your budget.


Ready to start a business in Thailand? We do company registrations, business visas and work permits.


Need a bank account? We'll help you with a bank account whether you're a tourist or an expat.

Personal Services

Hire a maid, driver, cleaning company, lawyer, massage therapist, doctor or any personal service provider.


Want to know where to buy clothes your size? How to order on Lazada or Shopee? Relax, we can shop for you and your family.


Whether its just going to see condos around town. Or driving to the south of Thailand, our team can take you there and back.


Paying bills, going to government offices, running across town, or just translating. Give us a call and we'll get it done.

Get the help you need.

We have experienced and friendly staff in Bangkok and Phuket who speak great English and Thai. They can help you with everything. Just click the button below to make your first request.