Your Thailand Personal Assistant

Get all the help you need to enjoy Thailand now.

Don't leave things to chance. Get an Assistant!

Your time is precious. Our assistants will help you visit, work or live in Thailand with a minimum of fuss.

Save Money & Time

No more scams, delays or regrets. We do the work so you get the best of everything. Just ask us!

Expert Advice

Our team are top notch Thai people who know Thailand inside out, and understand your needs 24/7/365.

Enjoy Thailand

No Judgements! From visas, to Itineraries to work permits to relationships. We will get it done for you. Just ask.

What our customers are saying...

Friendly , informative videos and the staff actually responds to emails quickly!

Jimmy G

They are very honest and professional. I will definitely use their services when I move to Thailand.

Remi Di Rocco

I’m grateful for your company holding my hand and literally walking me through the entire process. I wouldn’t have been able to get this...

Naseer Duncan

What can your Personal Assistant do?

Your personal assistant primarily focuses in these areas

Why use a concierge service?

You're just a normal person interested in Thailand. Use our service so you fully enjoy Thailand and not make any mistakes. Text us at any time with your request.

But isn't it just for rich people?

We got it. We know you worked hard to enjoy your time in Thailand. And it does cost money to get here. Baan Smile will help you save money and have your best life in Thailand without being ripped off or treated like an ATM.

What are some of the things you can do for me?

Airport meet and greet. Guide for your trip in Thailand. Help you find the best neighborhoods to stay. Find the best places to eat. Get the right kind of visa. Help with transportation around Thailand. Find a guide to help you with anything. Get the perfect hotel or AirBnb. And many, many more.

Can I really call or text you anytime?

Yes! You get our special concierge WhatsApp, SMS or Telephone number to call our team. Non-urgent requests will be handled within business hours in Thailand.

How much does it cost?

Each service has a different fee. But you gets you full text, phone and email support for anything you want in Thailand. Our service helps you in both planning for your trip and when you arrive in Thailand. Contact us for corporate rates for your team. You can always extend for 60 days at a time by request.