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If we move to Thailand me and my wife how mutch money must we have´/month to get retierment visa? I know that 65000bath for one person. We are from Sweden
Asked by @Tomas Lidén 10 months ago.

I want some friends

Please give me some Thai friends
Asked by @Christian Meneses 6 months ago.

Retirement visa

I got married in February 2020 ,I am not any good on a computer I will be coming to thailand on the 24 /12/2021 for only a month holiday , because I didn't know how to apply for
Asked by @Stephen Robb 6 months ago.


Asked by @Papu 7 months ago.


I need a house to rent for a month, 1 on call driver and cleaning service please
Asked by @tim 7 months ago.

Admission in Thailand

I will be grateful if you can help me with information or assistant to get admission in Thailand. Thank you
Asked by @Fabeku 7 months ago.

Admission in Thailand

I will be grateful if you can help me with information or assistant to get admission in Thailand. Thank you
Asked by @Fabeku 7 months ago.

Admission in Thailand

I will be grateful if you can help me with information or assistant to get admission in Thailand. Thank you
Asked by @Fabeku 7 months ago.

Travel my pet with me to Phuket Thailand

Good day, Sir/Madam I would like to ask for your help what will be the requirements for me and my pet traveling to Phuket Thailand? Thank you so much
Asked by @Joejannie Palacios 7 months ago.

Taking over a hotel

Hello, I've been interested in setting up a business in Thailand to take over a hotel; I've just read that a Farang can't run a hotel. Is this true?
Asked by @Michael 8 months ago.


Men and women leaving the USA military often receive Veteran Affairs (VA) education pay benefits. My question is are you aware of any universities or other training facilities in Thailand that accept tuition payment from the VA for US veterans? It would be great to use these VA...
Asked by @Ken Boehnen 8 months ago.

housing retirement visa bank selection translation

Hello, I'm interested in a few services. Mostly selection of an affordable place with a 1 year lease to help me with a retirement visa (and a bank account). I may also need translation services for some visa or other requirements. Do you charge an hourly rate or a per...
Asked by @Michael Ray 8 months ago.


I am arriving on the 21st of October 2021. I have to apply for the COE, but chances are the quarantine for fully vaccinated is lifted then, or perhaps shorter (7days?). I understand from the application that the ASQ hotel has to be booked and fully paid. Do...
Asked by @Sjouke Soepboer 9 months ago.

Is it possible for domestic travel from Bangkok to Krabi or koh Samui?

I have been staying in Bangkok for over 8 months now and recently interprovince travel was eased can I travel to other province? What are the requirements for me to visit Krabi or koh Samui?
Asked by @Riwaj Chand 9 months ago.

set a company and sell food

for work permid, can i just pay for 4 thai emploee the social security/Tax with out working in my shop?
Asked by @kalle 10 months ago.

Can i visit Koh samed right now?

i saw the news that koh samed is open. what is required for the trip?
Asked by @Riwaj Chand 10 months ago.

can you tell me the cheapest and way I can achieve the following...

I would like to come to Thailand in October 2021 and stay for 2-3 years (maybe longer). Can you tell me what type of visa would be best for me and also what (and how much) would be the best medical insurance to have. I am 58 and...
Asked by @Clive Gatfield 10 months ago.

Visa Exemption Question

I went to the site https://thaiembdc.org/visas/ and there it says if I arrive on visa exemption stamp it cannot be extended. I have to apply for a visa before leaving if I want to get the retirement extension. Is this a new requirement?
Asked by @Phillip D Parker 10 months ago.

Retirement Visa

I am a US citizen here in Phuket on a TR visa. I am interested in getting a retirement visa. What is the cost for your service, and can it be done in Phuket? Thanks.
Asked by @Peter Kim 10 months ago.

Can I get an 30 day extension on my Visa

Asked by @Ericson Smith 10 months ago.

3rd party money transfer.

Wise, formerly transferwise, offers the service of transferring funds from your overseas bank account to a Thai bank account. What are the fees? eg, Bangkok Bank states that it charges a fee at a percentage of the amount transferred, which varies from a minimum of 200...
Asked by @Lennie 10 months ago.

Elite visa status? Available?

In March-April 2021, I read that the Elite visa was placed on hold or on suspense. What is the current status of the Elite visa? Is it available for purchase? Has any conditions been changed, added, and/or deleted? Some non-immigration people have offered to assist...
Asked by @Lennie 10 months ago.

Immigration office's rules: 15-day, 3-day, 7-day, etc?

I have seen these various rules mentioned, especially on www.thaivisa.com . I think the 7-day rule is the before and after limit regarding 90-day reporting? The 15-day rule may be in regards to submitting an application for some type of one-year visa? For example, submit...
Asked by @Lennie 10 months ago.

Is a pre-paid credit card available in Thailand?

Where? Can the purchaser be anonymous? One purpose is to use the credit card to make a donation to a charitable organization, without subsequent appeals to make more donations. Thanks.
Asked by @Lennie 10 months ago.

Short term Rentals

I plan on visiting Thailand and plan to stay 1-2 months or more In Bangkok, but I will be going to Chon Buri for a longer period of time. When I go, is it possible for Baan Smile to help me get a short term rental Condo and...
Asked by @Adolfo Hernandez 10 months ago.

Where or from whom can I purchase the special covid insurance?

I am trying to locate a provider that sell this insurance that I need to have but I'm not finding anything. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance
Asked by @JC Bluntch 10 months ago.

Recommendations for getting to Hua Hinn

USA national, O-A visa Fully vaccinated, Moderna I will be arriving 05 Aug, have to do 15 days of quarantine, and then I was hoping to find a way to get to Hua Hin. Any suggestions since buses have been stopped? Thank you very much
Asked by @Michael Nichols 10 months ago.

How can I stay in Thailand for long

Is it possible to get into Thailand on the 30 day tourist visa (from the Netherlands) and get married and then apply for the Thai Marriage Visa? My girlfriend is a Thai national and I want to marry her and be together in Thailand. I am 44 years...
Asked by @Mike 11 months ago.

Can you help me find a good Thai girl? I am 63 years old.

I was in Thailand, Chok Chai for 13 months prior to covid. The girls I met there only wanted my money. I saw so many Thai girls that were married to foreign guys that had Thai boyfriends move into their houses when the foreign guy had to leave...
Asked by @Jim Mareci 11 months ago.

Condo and VISA services

Hello! I have recently arrived in Thailand, on a one year visa (90 day stamp) and next week I'm finishing ASQ. Once I'm finished with ASQ, I will be staying at the Viva Garden Residence. I'm wondering if Baan Smile can help me: 1. Find a condo to...
Asked by @Wayne Traver 11 months ago.

Best way to register export company in Thailand under foreign owned?

But if can skip to hire 4 thai staffs against one work permit.
Asked by @David 11 months ago.

Guide service and many questions

My business partner and I hope to visit Chang Mai and Hua Hin in the Fall. We have done quite a lot of research but still have many questions before arriving. Is it possible to book a session (video or email) with a member of your staff?...
Asked by @Shawn Wilkerson 11 months ago.

As an American, what are the requirements for entry to Thailand

I want to enter Thailand for a short period, without a Visa, it is not clear to me what is required of me to do this (insurance, certificate of entry, quarantine). Can you answer my questions?
Asked by @Thom 11 months ago.

find something to do need structure

I am really impressed with your concern for someones well being I am coming to Bangkok July 12 2021 Iam doing asq from July12to July27 2021 I will be in touch with u I am retired see u soon
Asked by @Robert De Piano 11 months ago.

Investment opportunities

can a foreigner invest in a local business and can you suggest where can I invest?
Asked by @Riwaj Chand 11 months ago.

Elite Visa & tax

Hi if I come on a elite visa and my business is based in Australia and all my income comes from work from Australia and not Thailand but I transfer to Thai bank account some funds do I pay tax on portion I transfer into Thai Bank accounts?...
Asked by @Gregory Egan 11 months ago.

stv visa

hi, could you do a video about stv visa? it is expiring as far as i know and there is no new method to stay longterm in thailand. thank you
Asked by @Marcel Smorra 11 months ago.

Condo rentals

Hello Chalida, I am wanting to come to bangkok for at least 3 months when the country fully reopens. Somewhere between the nana and on nutt bts stations. I am looking to spend 500 dollars or less per month. I am a US citizen with a valid passport....
Asked by @Preston Knight 11 months ago.

Stay in Thailand long time

Hi, I am married with Thai woman and live in Italy. If I want to move to stay in Thailand permanently, what visa should I do? Thansk
Asked by @GIUSEPPE SAPONE 11 months ago.

How much cost to live in the centre of Bangkok

Thonglor , Prompong , Asok
Asked by @a 1 year ago.

Hello chalida thank you a lot for your video, I would like to go to thai

Asked by @elyamine 1 year ago.

Hello Chalida, My question regards getting a work permit when 60 years

I would like to come to Thailand and do some part time work ( about 10-12 hours) when i retire . I have a degree, a TEFL, Business qualifications and much work experience. My question is would a school/university/company in Thailand hire someone who has just turned 60....
Asked by @Paul 1 year ago.

Place to ship & hold large packages (light machinery) to Thailand

Hi, I'm planning on relocating to the Land of Smiles in a few days, but have some large packages to ship over to Thailand. The packages are some light pieces of machinery and electronics. Thank you, Baan Smile! Is there a place where I can mail these packages to until...
Asked by @Tim 1 year ago.

Is Huahin open for tourist ?

Asked by @a 1 year ago.

STV Visa

Hi, I'm going to come on an SVT in Sept. The Thai consulate here said not to apply yet, it's too soon. So how far in advance in my trip should I apply? Thanks
Asked by @JC Bluntch 1 year ago.

At Phuket airport when I arrive July 8th, where

Where can I get a Sim card for my phone?? and what brand or plan do you recommend?
Asked by @Foster Seitz 1 year ago.

How can I bring cat/dog to Thailand

Asked by @alisa 1 year ago.

Is there a condo rental include internet and electricity

Asked by @a 1 year ago.

any dating site recommended ?

Asked by @alex 1 year ago.

Any other island will be open next month

except Phuket
Asked by @a 1 year ago.

Can I visit Koh Samui right now? Domestic tourism?

I am a student here in Bangkok and have not left the country for more than 5 months. Is local traveling allowed?
Asked by @Riwaj Chand 1 year ago.

Is Chiang Mai worth to retire ?

Asked by @a 1 year ago.

Is foreigners can own a condo

Asked by @a 1 year ago.

Do you have a short term rental condo

Asked by @a 1 year ago.

Where is the cheapest area in Sukhumvit BTS Line

Where is the cheapest area in Sukhumvit BTS Line and more local people living
Asked by @Alisa P. 1 year ago.

Where is a good places for retirement not Phuket and Bangkok

Asked by @a 1 year ago.

Can you airbnb apartments in Bangkok as a foreigner?

Asked by @Garett 1 year ago.

Is muay Thai visa available now

Asked by @aal 1 year ago.

Are you also do Elite Visa for Family members

Asked by @P 1 year ago.

Can i set up bank account

I live in australia but want to set up Bank account for future
Asked by @Steven Thomson 1 year ago.

Is this $380 for night per night?

Hi . I’m looking condo or apartment for 2 people for a month. I m almost finish ASQ
Asked by @San Da Nai 1 year ago.

If Im not vaccinate, Can I still go Phuket

Asked by @P 1 year ago.

TR visa can open bank account ?

Asked by @Alisa P. 1 year ago.

Is Phuket open for Indian ?

Asked by @Alisa P. 1 year ago.

What documents do I have to show to Phuket Airport

Asked by @Alisa P. 1 year ago.

when is the good time to come to Bangkok in 2021

Asked by @Alisa P. 1 year ago.

do I need froof on income as a student on ED Visa?

do I need froof on income as a student on ED Visa? I meet the financial requirements, but under 50 yrs old I want to speak the local language a bit better now, so I need a real school, not only "cheat" with ED. preparing since 3 years...
Asked by @Alisa P. 1 year ago.

What is the best bank for foreigners?

Asked by @Alisa P. 1 year ago.

How can American set up a business in Thailand?

I heard that American can own 100% of the company in Thailand
Asked by @Alisa P. 1 year ago.

I am a tourist now

I contacted you awhile back. and I'm in Bangkok now. at a ASQ hotel. The Legacy for quarantine. my first day. My visa is good till August 18, 2021. Please contact me by email. I will need to activate my phone once I'm out of my ASQ hotel....
Asked by @Wallace Brown 1 year ago.

Is there health care therapy centers for Insomnia in Thailand?

Providing rooms to stay during the therapy
Asked by @Ahmed 1 year ago.

Do you offer matchmaking services or dating consultation?

I watched your Youtube video "How to keep a Thai girl forever" and loved it. Different cultures can get complicated ;) Thanks!
Asked by @Marco Polo 1 year ago.

Age gap relationships in Thailand?

Simply put, I was just asking the age difference about what is accepted in Thai society. I have noticed many expats that have younger partners.
Asked by @John 1 year ago.

At 75, healthy, sound mind, live and would be happy to spend this life

Asked by @John 1 year ago.

Can I travel from India if iam fully vaccinated ?

Asked by @Krishnakant Boob 1 year ago.

Why isn't a quarantine being introduced for domestic travel from BKK

The covid numbers appear to be disproportionate from Bangkok (and the prisons) to the rest of Thailand. Would it would be feasible and effective to allow the country to return to relatively normal operations, but introduce quarantines for domestic travel from high risk areas like Bangkok, just as with...
Asked by @Jay 1 year ago.

What is the procedures when moving household goods to Thailand?

Are there cargo companies specialised in Thailand? Do I have to pay taxes on my own personal belongings (electronics etc)? How much are the costs?
Asked by @Aron Sändh 1 year ago.

Can I have my prescription ADHD medication (Adderall) in Thailand?

I suffer from ADHD (and multiple concussions). I use Adderall to perform my daily knowledge-based work. Is there any scenario where I can continue to take my prescription medication, especially if I am seeking to relocate to Thailand long-term (5+ years)? Thank you, Baan Smile!
Asked by @Tim 1 year ago.

Is Hong Kong SARS passport holder allowed to travel to phuket?

Asked by @Eric 1 year ago.

I have just read that Baan Smile does not charge a service fee

Is this correct, if so how does Baan Smile earn their salaries. Your videos are always well presented and well informed, this means you all are very capable people and would be in high demand in any business.
Asked by @Mick Prince 1 year ago.

Yes I wish to come to Thailand

I need help across many areas My visa. A fun place to live. Health insurance
Asked by @Eric hutson 1 year ago.

Why are the Thai ladies scamming nice guys?

Asked by @SICK Puppi 1 year ago.

How to apply for a retirement visa and what agency can assist you?

Asked by @Harry 1 year ago.

In July, can I take transit flight to Phuket through Bangkok?

I am fully vaccinated American citizen and I have a flight scheduled to arrive in Bangkok July 8.
Asked by @Dr. Pat 1 year ago.

Do Thai lady like diamond ring ?

For engagement ?
Asked by @P Bob 1 year ago.

Flying to Bangkok July 8. Fully vaccinated American. Can I take transi

Asked by @Dr. Pat 1 year ago.

Hi. What is the best eye hospital in Bangkok?

And it can perform complicated detached retina operations. Thanks
Asked by @Genghis Khan 1 year ago.

Can Indian citizens apply for the retirement visa after 50?

Asked by @Rahul Jeremiah 1 year ago.

What types of business can a foreigner open with limited investment?

American with Thai wife, Just looking for ideas. Love your videos!
Asked by @Scott Surran 1 year ago.

Can you help find a rental in Bangkok?

I am in the process of moving over to Thailand and I will need some help opening up a bank account. What are your fees for the rental and bank setup? Thanks.
Asked by @John Comer 1 year ago.

How to open a business in thailand as a foreigner?

Do you offer, or know where could I get, guidence on how to open a business in thailand being a foreigner?
Asked by @Victoria 1 year ago.

I am looking for a condo to rent in Bangkok.

I have an O-A visa, I'm currently in ASQ. UNTIL 28/05. I'm thinking a term of 6 months.( various reasons). You seem to know nice places, but in you recent video you suggest AirBnB. I've not seen many I like. Can you make some suggestions?
Asked by @Darren 1 year ago.

How to Start an AirBnB in Thailand?

Asked by @STEVEN LEDFORD 1 year ago.

Khun Chalida - Jayna's video mentioned you offer tour guide services?

I just saw a video from Jayna, she mentioned you offer tour services? I live in Hawaii and visited Thailand many time but only once had a professional tour. If true can I have details please.
Asked by @charlie panui 1 year ago.

Asoke, Bangkok | 1 bed, 1 bath

What is the monthly rent for one year? Thank you.
Asked by @Dane 1 year ago.

Looking for good woman to marry

Asked by @Barry 1 year ago.

How I can open business

Asked by @Prakash 1 year ago.

Can I convert Tourist Visa to Special Tourist Visa - STV?

If I come to Thailand on a tourist visa can I convert to a STV visa while I’m in Thailand?
Asked by @Troy Claypool 1 year ago.

Can I get a job in Thailand if ai learn Thai language?

I want to move and settle in Thailand but I can't find any job. Maximum job post says that we need to speak Thai language. So if I come to Thailand learn Thai language then will I be able to get jobs. FYI, I am from Bangladesh.
Asked by @Sakib Hasan Chowdhury 1 year ago.

How do I meet Thai girls in person?

I'm tired of dating sites. It seems everyone is out to get something instead of being a real partner. Where can I meet a normal, nice girl out and about in Thailand that is NOT on a dating site?
Asked by @Ericson Smith 1 year ago.