Bank Account Services

Opening a Thai bank account is available to a large number of people visiting Thailand in any step of your journey. We'll help you get the right documents together and walk you into the bank so you're guaranteed to succeed. Contact us and let's get your bank account opened together.

How can we help you?

Who can open a bank account?

The persons who hold one of these types of visas can open a bank account in Thailand:

  • You rent a home or condo in Thailand for 1 year
  • Retirement visa
  • Non-B Visa 
  • Non-O Visa
  • Marriage Visa
  • Elite Visa
  • Work Permit
  • Education Visa (with letter from school)
  • If you buy a house or condo in Thailand
  • Most people holding a Tourist (TR) Visa

How long is the process to open a bank account?

Generally, unless you are missing some paperwork, your account will be opened the same day in just one visit to the bank.

How much is the minimum deposit required?

Most bank require a minimum of 500 to 2000 baht for an initial deposit. 

What documents are required?

To open a Thai Bank account, you will need to show the following paperwork:

  • Your passport
  • Visa or Work Permit
  • Letter from your school (if you have an education visa)
  • Rental Contract or letter from your Embassy/Consulate or Employer (to prove your address)
  • Passport photo (most banks will take your photo right on the spot though)

If you are still unsure if you qualify, please contact us and we'll go through your unique situation.

What Baan Smile Will Do

  • Help prepare your documents
  • Make any required appointment at the bank beforehand
  • Accompany you to the bank and introduce you to the correct banking team there
  • Assist with translating
  • Assist you in installing your banking app

Baan Smile will help to make your bank account opening stress free and simple. We have taken the time to speak to the various banks in Bangkok about the proper procedures and documentation required for the various visa types. This means with your request we will know for sure what kind of account you can get and what you will need.

As Thai Banking policies change, we will update the service levels available to you depending on your visa.

How can we help you?