Thai Lessons - Private

Don't make obvious mistakes and seem like a silly "Farang". Learn Thai from a Thai teacher in private online classes. You'll learn the most common words, how to say them and what they mean. And if you like you can take more advanced classes to learn reading and writing so you can grow your vocabulary much faster than someone who just knows how to speak Thai.

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Many times we meet customers who say Thai words the wrong way. It's very funny sometimes, but can lead to misunderstandings. So we asked a real Thai teacher to to work with us on online classes.

Philaipun "Baby" Chanyutthana, Thai Language Teacher

We offer classes in several phases. The most basic is just a couple of weeks long and will introduce you to the basic thai words and what they mean. You will be comfortable with numbers, ordering food, greeting people and not making obvious mistakes.

The next step would be more advanced classes that can teach you deeper cultural understandings and even to read and write.

Contact us to schedule classes via Zoom, Skype, Facetime or Whatsapp.

How can we help you?