Video FU*KET??? Thai PLACE Names you got WRONG - More Kru Baby Thai Language Tips

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Sure, a Thai local may get what you’re saying after 3 or 4 times, or maybe they just will have a laugh at it. You want to say the locations properly, even if you don’t learn Thai. First of all, it shows respect to the country, and that you still make an effort to assimilate into the place.

Our teacher, KRU Baby will guide you through the top 15 mispronounced locations.

0:00 | INTRO
1:24 | Phuket
1:44 | Bangkok
2:36 | Chiang Mai
2:50 | Hua Hin
3:17 | Pattaya
3:32 | Koh Samui
3:56 | Koh Kut
4:19 | Sukhumvit
4:40 | Thong Lor
4:54 | Chatuchak Market
5:06 | Isan
5:26 | Kanchanaburi
5:50 | Ayutthaya
6:12 | Chao Phraya River
6:22 | OUTRO

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How can we help you?