Video Going to University in THAILAND Costs, Language, What it's Like. Would you do it? | 2021 Baan Smile

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Is it possible to do your university in Thailand? Ask us any questions about education in Thailand:

What is it like? And how much does it cost? Do you have to learn Thai? Are the degrees acceptable in out countries around the world?

So what are some of the top universities in Thailand?
The top 10 most highly rated universities are:

Mahidol University
Chulalongkorn University
Chiang Mai University
Kasetsart University
King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi
Burapha University
Khon Kaen University
Mahasarakham University
Prince of Songkla University
Thammasat University

What are “International Programs”?
International programs are taught in English at most universities in Thailand. This means that students who can speak english can come to university in Thailand. You do not have to speak Thai.

How much does it cost?
Universities in Thailand cost a lot less than Universities in the west.

Chulalongkorn is not only one of Thailand’s top universities, but also one of Asia’s top rated universities and ranked very very highly around the world.

We are going to compare the cost of a year for an Undergraduate degree in Chulalongkorn versus New York University, one of the other top universities in the world.

I got the prices directly from the website of both Universities for the 2022 school year.

A year in NYU will cost you $80,878 US Dollars.

A year in Chulalongkorn will cost you $4,000 US Dollars

Obviously that’s a very, very large difference. In fact Chulalongkorn will cost you only 5 percent of the cost of going to NYU.

So, of course the universities are not the same.

But let’s be real, are they that much different? Is the course material going to be dramatically different?

You could say that a person who graduates from Chula would have a good chance to get a job anywhere in the world -- without the college loans to pay off for the next 20 years.


What can you learn at universities in Thailand?
Just like any other universities around the world, you can study for a Doctorate, Masters and Undergraduate degrees.

And universities in Thailand things like Computer Science, Medicine, Architecture, Engineering, Robotics, A.I. MBA many other programs just like they teach in universities in your home country.

Is my university degree from Thailand accepted in other countries?
Yes. Just stop to think about it for a moment. No one would send their children to Thailand to study if afterwards their degrees would not be accepted in other countries.

Where do students come from?
Thai schools attract students from all over the world. There are some of the leading universities worldwide here.

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