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Lots of you are wondering what it takes to start a business here in Bangkok. Well, today we have a treat for you when Chalida interviewed Dr. Donna Robinson.

Dr. Robinson came to Thailand with her husband right after medical school and this is her story of how she started, the challenges in her business, learning Thai and building up her medical practice.

Some people think it can’t be done. But Dr. Robinson shows you how she did it.

You can reach Dr. Robinson’s practice MedConsult Asia here:

MedConsult services the Thai and Expat community. It’s the place to get everything medical related to work permits, visas, fit to fly and all standard medical procedures.

And you can more about about starting your business in Thailand here:

Business Visa Requirements:

Starting a business in Thailand:

Business Ideas in Thailand:

How hard is it to run a business in Thailand?

0:00 Intro
0:32 Why did you come to Thailand after Medical School?
1:49 How was your first time in Thailand?
3:09 Was it difficult for you to learn Thai?
4:23 What were some challenges in the beginning?
5:52 What advice would you give to foreigners who want to start a business?
6:55 Did Covid19 affect your business?
9:38 What services do you provide from your clinic?
11:52 Thailand has great hygiene
12:13 Referring Patients
13:01 Do you still visit your home country, U.K?
15:20 Why do you think your clinic is popular amongst expats?
17:30 Outro

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